Hello! Green Pier Minami Aso staff.

This time, we will introduce “Saturday, Sunday and public holidays limited day trip hot springs & lunch”, which is very popular in the hotel's lunch menu!

You can enjoy red beef and Otsuka beef from your own farm!

It is a great plan to enjoy lunch and day bathing!

Aka beef and Otsuka beef steak is a special lunch only on weekends and holidays.

Aka beef fattening at Aso's own ranch boasts the sweetness of meat! A light, healthy and healthy Japanese beef.


Red beef steak from home ranch

Otsuka beef steak from home farm


Of course, you can also use a buffet in addition to steak!


After lunch, relax in the hot spring

After you're full, take a break at the hot spring!

Please spend a relaxing time while looking at the mountains of Aso.

The hotel's hot spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring.

The bicarbonate spring removes unnecessary keratin and pore dirt from the skin.
There is a refreshing effect just like entering the soap just by entering.

Besides that,

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, joint stiffness, chronic fire extinguisher disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, fatigue recovery, cuts, burns, chronic skin disease

A lot of happy effects such as!


While soaking in a hot spring,


There is also a relaxing room,

Please relax in the massage chair after taking a bath.


We look forward to welcoming you!